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Valiska – Four Loops tour

Following the release of ‘On Pause’, Valiska will be in Europe for one month performing his new live piece ‘Four Loops’ which utilises the same tape looping processes and sound palette developed on the album, and his previous EP, ‘Healer’.


20.10 Zemlika Festival, Durbe, Latvia (tickets)

22.10 The Cultural Centre, Poraj, Poland
27.10 Hevre, Krakow, Poland

30.10 St Pancras Old Church, London, UK (tickets)
03.11 Weird Garden, Lincoln, UK
04.11. Centrala, Birmingham, UK
09.11 Ceremonial Laptop, Brighton, UK

11.11 Akusmata, Helsinki, Finland

Francis Redman

Occasional excursions out of the radio studio from label bossman Francis Redman.


24.09 Spiritland with Sofia Ilyas (Float) – (info)
31.10 Village Underground with Sofia Ilyas (Float) supporting Christian Löffler – (info)