Valiska – On Pause

Born in Poland but now based out of Calgary, Canada, Valiska creates gritty, overcast soundscapes inspired by the likes of Tim Hecker, Rafael Anton Irisarri, and Grouper. Although his hometown is often overshadowed by other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Valiska has been part of an insular but slowly expanding scene, exploring strands of experimental drone and ambient.

On Pause is Valiska’s most personal work to date, and consists of eight tracks that recount a series of life-changing events that occurred between 2016 and 2017. Charting this journey of loss and upheaval, the music is melancholic and at times painfully stark but does not dwell in dischord – with passages of optimism, hope, and even fleeting euphoria.

Analog saturation, reflection, and letting go, On Pause presents an emotively biographical album.

Its deeply humanistic expression through such integrative mechanical means represents a step forward in the genre, and is a cathartic and engaging listening experience regardless.

Scott Gray –



Grainy reflections echo Tim Hecker’s soundscapes or Boards of Canada’s melancholic warmth
Mojo Magazine (October 2017)



Rainy tones leak out of the music, but so does a careful optimism, and the music’s had the opportunity to grow during its time of hardship.

Ben Catchpole – Fluid Radio



A captivating, charming, and magnetic work.

Headphone Commute



Over six minutes Valiska creates a wordless narrative engaging in loss and devastation.

Andrew Hannah – The Line of Best Fit



Meditative and internalized, the album pulls your thoughts and feelings from your innermost parts; brings them out in the light, packs them up neatly, and sends them away.

Piano And Coffee