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Sunshine Life Emulator – Hatch Dream

Inspirational moments, re-discovered sounds, and the things that we forget.

Liam van Ryn has been recording and composing since 2016 and has released under a number of different guises. Hatch Dream is his first full length solo album, which began to take shape in early 2020 when he engaged in a slower and more inward looking creative process.

Often optimistic, at times pensive; Hatch Dream is a welcoming album that reveals darker undercurrents. Unafraid to embrace fleeting moments creatively, it reflects the ephemeral nature of memory.

“I think there’s a lot of nostalgia in the album, when I visualize this music I often think of hazy memories from childhood.”
– Sunshine Life Emulator


Liam van Ryn

Selected kit list.

Roland Juno 106
Prophet Rev2 Sequential
Tascam Portastudio 414
Audio Technica AT2020
VST’s from Sonic Charge and Madrona Labs


Rafael Anton Irisarri