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Threads 08.10.20 – We Have Sound 20.10

Threads 08.10.20

We Have Sound 20.10


Lucy Railton – 5 S-Bahn Part 3

Emily A. Sprague – Star Gazing

Frank Bretschneider – Abtasten_Halten A

FRKTL – Sól tér sortna, sígr fold í mar

Paul Frick – Church 5 Loop 2 (Lance Gamble’s Schleifstein Dub)

Illingsworth – Say it Ain’t So

David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

Manonmars feat. Axel Holey & Bogues – Hollow

Company Flow – World Of Garbage

Hudson Mohawke – Animo

Church Andrews & Matt Davies – Temporal

Parris – Soft Rocks With Socks

Call Super – Every Mouth Teeth Missing

Xyla – Ways

OTTO – Sprained My Ankle In Gristedes Juice Isle

Mushkilla – Garage 2

Charlie Trees – Trees

Westy – Die Young Refix

Luar Domatrix – Angelito

Abul Mogard – The Purpose Of Peace (Live)

Dj Slyngshot – Untitled B2

Otik – Amor

Haider – U Trippin

Destiny71z – dPi

John Beltran – Tiger (Detroit)


I wondered earlier in the year if the absence of some of the last hurrahs at the end of summer such as carnival, might make for a change of season seeming more gentle. Despite that lack of punctuation being the case, and a recent teasing weekend of blistering unseasonal heat; it feels we have very much arrived in Autumn – albeit a very different one than usual. 

The anticipation of approaching cosy sheltered social activities that usually accompany the shortening of the days has been replaced by a now too familiar uncertainty of encroaching solitude. Football is back, but behind closed doors – and the clubbing season that usually coincides with its return has not found a way to operate without audiences. 

The season also usually brings about lots of new music; this year has been no exception. In fact it seems in more abundance than ever. 

Perhaps I am making connections that are not there, or being a fantasist, but I feel that consciously or unconsciously the art has responded collective uncertainty and instability.

I often think music provides us a slow communication; both in creation and listening it allows us to express things too intangible or too animal for our words – the things we are yet to be able to express, or those we perhaps forgot how to. Radio provides us a way to do this collectively when we are remote in time or place. In days where we more are likely to be going through a few things, and will not be able to gather; this space to seems essential.