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Threads 21.05.20 – We Have Sound 20.5

Threads 21.05.20

We Have Sound 20.5


Maxime Denuc – Solarium (Edit)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Burn Out

Respectfulchild – Glitter

Viktor Udvari – Fathers

Error Lake – Outline

Sylvain Chauveau – nd

Kali Malone – Sacer Profanare

Natureboy Flako – Contemplation

Ty feat Sarina Leah and Shaun Escoffery – Emotions

Mike Slott – Tabriz

Logos – Medicate

Commodo – Loan Shark


Lewi B – Forest

Wiley – Morgue

DJ Sinclair – Low Morgue

High Plains Drifter v Goldspot – Sholay

Ty – Wait a Minute

Captain Over – Jupiterrr

Proc Fiskal – Bust Your Windows (Pork Biskal Lungfarm Mix)

San – Subject 9

Koffee – Toast (Clipz Remix)

clÜ – Rainfall

Soviet Space Research Institute – A Black Cat’s Journey To The Other Side

96 Back – Fe Symbolic

Jamie XX – Oh My Gosh

Thanks to Ty.

I never quite know how I feel, and more importantly how I should express how I feel when the music community loses someone. Having lost people in my life, I always feel acutely aware that whilst I have said goodbye to the prospect of future art, others have said goodbye to a friend, a parent, a sibling, a child. 

In the days we live in right now, losses of life are stacked up as metrics we see daily – that we use to work out how good a news day it is, or how well our politicians are doing; but these numbers represent friends, parents, siblings and children who have been lost.


Losing the musician Ty was a shock because it brought home the statistics on the TV at a point when they were in danger of blurring into routine, and at point many of us (in the UK at least) were getting used to better news.

It was sad because of his unique output to which there will be no more additions, and personally because his album Upwards was released at a formative time for me, and will always be important. It also because he seemed like a genuinely good human being. His friends will express this better than me.

When will we dance?

As spring starts to become summer, I usually find there is a moment in the year, often triggered by a sunny evening or perhaps the smell of a barbecue, where my thoughts will turn to an event at the other end of the summer for the first time – Carnival.

Amongst all the thoughts of heart rattling bass, of being lifted off the ground and carried clear across the road in a mosh pit, of ridiculous times with friends and strangers. Amongst the goose bumps, the reloads, the roadblocks, the ad-hoc crowd-control by MC’s. The thoughts of trainers ruined, of the hurried train journeys across the UK from clashing bank holiday obligations at silly times on Sunday mornings. Amongst all the memories of elevation in the sunshine and madness in the rain, amongst the chaos; is one very prominent and also very calm idea.


The Notting Hill Carnival experience each year seems to start in the middle one season and finish well into another; as if there was more energy left in summer but that it gets spent on the streets. After the sound systems shut off on Monday, the air changes, and by the time you leave the zone you need a top layer in the early evening for the first time in a while. You notice how yellow the setting sun is, and how early it is ducking behind the Westway.

These thoughts are formed of years and years on those streets – however they will not be added to this year – and indeed, it may be a while before we dance again. Though surely we will do so again before long, and perhaps this year Autumn will arrive a little less abruptly.

Cover image thanks to Stuart Boreham on Flickr