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Valiska – Numbers

An exploration of recordings from the past results in a message for today, ‘Numbers’ is an engaging journey into composition and sound.


At regular intervals each day strange voices sound out over narrow bands of shortwave radio, encoded and untraceable transmissions broadcast from somewhere unknown, to someone unknown.

These broadcasts, first discovered after the First World War, have become known as Numbers Stations. They came to the attention of Krzysztof Sujata, the Canadian recording artist known as Valiska, via the Conet Project over a decade ago.

Sujata found the right time to work with these recordings in the summer of 2018 as he prepared a set for the Calgary music festival Sled Island. As the project evolved the recordings became more than mere passages of sound.

The result is Numbers, a new album of lovingly tuned synthesizers echo timbres of brass that shift slowly and purposefully underneath delicately evolving melodies.

“Numbers Stations are very interesting – mostly ignored and those who are aware don’t know what they’ll actually be able to decipher from them.”

– Valiska

Numbers 1 / 2019

Francis Redman


Krzysztof Sujata


Rafael Anton Irisarri

Surrounded by noise we found each other.