WHS Test

I started writing some intros to these shows about a year ago, at the time I felt like it was really important to reach out a bit – and to use this platform to share some ideas beyond the show, and on occasion behind the show. A year on, I still feel that that is important, but it isn’t quite so easy to work out what new to say – and I also worry that I am just documenting my own mental breakdown here.

We find ourselves in a situation where everything and nothing has happened. I described this in the post for the Loose Lips mix as a turbulent stasis – we are constantly churned but little changes. I must also admit that whilst the outbreak of Covid 19, the lockdowns and the shake up that the brought was initially bewildering – there were realisations that there was a lot that was unnecessary about how I was living my life before. The humbling felt cathartic, and it seemed that society was pulling together rather than falling apart. Having read a few things about how disasters tend to affect people individually and collectively it seems that shock, followed by an optimistic pulling together before falling into fatigue is entirely predictable. I am sad to see though that in the UK at least it seems that the situation is now only exacerbating an already tense society that at whatever point the current situation ends, will be further apart than when it was before all this.

As I mentioned on the show, one thing that seems to push all of that into the background has been keeping an eye on my back garden’s birds. We have put some effort into making sure that the yard is a (more) useful space for wildlife over the last year, and the addition of a wider variety of bird food as well as a bath has paid off and we are currently blessed with numerous daily visitors looking for food, a rest, nesting material or just somewhere to be. Different birds seem to come at different times of day, what is possibly the biggest pigeon I have ever seen arrives sometime around 10am and for some reason looks through the window to our forages around a bit and before spending some time drinking from the bath. For a number of years some blackbirds would nest in a cavity below a badly installed pipe on my neighbours wall, that has been blocked up, but I was happy to see a pair of blackbirds spending many an afternoon gathering twigs. I don’t know where they have built their nest this year. A lot of those that stop by have been the smaller garden birds – blue tits, great tits, coal tits and most endearing of all a little wren. The bird has long legs relative to its small wings and tail, with its short neck and delicate beak it appears both stocky and delicate at once. It feeds mostly on insects, and likes to do so from cover its quiet purposefulness as it darts in and out of cover to investigate something is endearing.

Right now the a lot of the birds are spending time singing to each other, amidst that wonderful din it is hard to feel either compressed or stretched.